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We are impacting lives in Orange County everyday with the generous support of donors.



 “Our experience at St. Mary’s was great. My son was very happy with his care, which is saying a lot considering he’s an RRT. He was thankful for the care he received.”

Minimally Invasive With a Great Impact

Donor support for interventional radiology will help advance surgical care.

Thousands of residents within the High Desert depend on Providence St. Mary Medical Center for an array of surgical procedures to prevent, diagnose and treat various medical conditions. In recent times, open surgery was the only option available for treatment. But with a team of highly skilled clinicians and a focus on advanced technology, our community is in excellent hands as Providence St. Mary offers interventional radiology (IR).

Only the best for our community

IR is a multi-disciplinary leading force within our medical center as physicians utilize advanced imaging support to guide a wide range of surgical procedures using needles and catheters. This minimally invasive approach benefits patients by helping them avoid traditional complex surgery.

Youhanna Gad, M.D., vascular and interventional radiologist, is paving the way for Providence St. Mary toward becoming a leader in these advanced procedures.

“Minimally invasive approaches are an important tool right now,” he says. “It can be easier on a patient, causing them less tissue damage, fewer complications with minimal pain and scarring. Patients recover quicker and leave the hospital sooner.”

By offering accurate, live-action visualizations, interventional radiologists can deliver targeted chemotherapy, ablation and other treatments directly to specific areas of the body that typically cannot be reached safely during open surgery.

“Looking ahead, we want to integrate artificial intelligence technology to catch health concerns sooner and prevent patients from more severe diseases,” says Dr. Gad. “IR is revolutionizing the way we care for patients, and I want to expand access to this innovative surgery.”

You can help

Now more than ever, our community needs Providence St. Mary, but we need you as our philanthropic partners. With your support, we can put these tools in the hands of our interventional radiologists and ensure our patients receive minimally invasive care, allowing them to return to their normal lives faster than before.

Learn more on how you can help Providence St. Mary keep pace with interventional radiology by contacting John Kozyra, chief philanthropy officer, at John.Kozyra@providence.org or 760-217-9778.

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Striving for the Future

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