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St. Mary Cardiologist and Nursing Care Saved my Life

A dedicated and compassionate caregiver at St. Joseph Hospital for decades, Melvin Schwartz and his wife demonstrated their friendship and support for the Hospital by establishing a legacy through a generous charitable planned gift.”

Expert cardiac care

Sheri Holt came to St. Mary Medical Center for a stress test that quickly led to an angiogram showing a blocked artery and had a stent placed in her heart. Sheri was preparing to go home, but the nurse caring for her identified a problem and immediately contacted her cardiologist. Due to the quick response of the caregivers at St. Mary Medical Center, her life was saved.


My cardiologist did a stress test and took me off immediately. He told me were going to have to do an angiogram right now. I honestly expected it. When we went in to do the angiogram, he placed in a stent—which showed my artery was 99.9% blocked. If it wasn’t for placing the stent, I wouldn’t have made it through the weekend.

The day I was going to be released after my stent was placed, my collagen plug where they do the angiogram burst. It’s a very rare occurrence and I started bleeding internally.

“I had received a phone call from Sheri’s nurse who was taking care of her right before she was going to head home and I could hear in her voice that she was a little panicky,” says David, Sheri’s cardiologist. “I immediately ran over to Sheri’s as quickly as I could. All within about 5-7 minutes of the initial phone call we had her stabilized, labs were ordered, and she was protected and guarded.”

David is my guardian angel. He was there at the right time, at the right place, and well trained. I am alive today because of St. Mary, their cardiologists, their nurses and overall because they are people that care.

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Striving for the Future

Striving for the Future

Providence St. Mary Medical Center is on the path to becoming a Level IV trauma center.

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